How to build good habits?

Once upon a time, in a city nearby, lived a 11 year old girl named Lily.
She had a dream that one day she would be a great artist. She would be popular like the great painters of the age gone by.

But for now, her paintings were not so great. And that made her very sad.

Don’t worry Lily. I am sure you can become a great painter.

But how? I cannot even make a simple painting.

So you want to be a painter. That is good.Do you know that all great painters learned to paint. No one was born great.

So can you please teach me how to get better

Of course I will. Everything is possible with habits. Habits are a powerful tool that you can use.

How do I get into the habit of making good painting?

Making a painting is the end result of the task. Habits are even more basic that that. The first step in forming a new habit is to take tiny steps and practice daily for 10 minutes.

Do I have to do it daily?

Yes every day. You practice for 10 minutes every day till one day you get better. But to practice everyday, you have to make it easy for you to do that.

What do you mean by that? How can i make it easy to practice.

Simple, keep your things organised, so that when you decide to start, you do not have to look for the paper and the colours.

Also keep all distractions away so that you focus on the painting.

And if i do that, i will get better?

Absolutely. Also remember that if it gets tough, ask for help rather than quitting.

I can ask my friend ruby. She is good at art, and has the best painting in class.

And remember, there will be days when you will be absolutely tired of doing this. At that time, you tell yourself that you will quit tomorrow. If you are ever frustrated, take a deep breath and then start again.

Even great artists make mistake all the time.

Months passed, and Lily’s 10-minute daily drawing habit had turned her into an incredible artist. She created beautiful paintings that amazed everyone who saw them. Her dream had come true because of the small steps she took, just like the lessons she learned from her mother.

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