Emma the Baker

Hi, I am Emma. Like every little girl, i loved baking cookies.

I loved it so much, that i would make cookies every day after school. All my friends really liked what I made. So as soon as I finished studies, i took a loan and started my own bakery. Life was good initially, but then highway construction started near my bakery. Suddenly all traffic moved out of the area and my business dried up.

My team and I would make these delicious cookies and cakes and wait for customers. However they never came. Business was tough and it was failing fast. But instead of giving up, I decided to speak to a few successful people on what to do in this situation.

There are a few ways you can learn from successful people. You can speak to them and understand what to do or else you can read books to understand what you can do when faced with a problem.

With the guidance and support from these mentors, I again started working on a plan. If customers were not coming to us, we could go to the customers. We changed our menu, marketing strategy,and brought a used truck. We refurbished it and made it into a food truck that sold cookies and cakes. We also started catering to parties and would park the truck right inside the events.

And it worked!

We turned our failed restaurant into a thriving food truck business. By making changes and being positive, we changed what we were doing. When things were going wrong, it was easy to imagine everything was horrible.

But what i learnt is that never give up on your dreams! Keep pushing and stay positive.

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