New President for Indian National Congress

Mallikarjun Kharge wins the election


Mallikarjun Kharge won the election conducted to elect the President of Indian National Congress. He defeated his contender Shashi Tharoor with a wide margin.

He won 7897 votes against 1072 for Shashi Tharoor. The new party president now has the tough work to rally the party together to win the next round of elections in the country.

Sonia Gandhi will continue to remain the chairperson for the party.

26 yr old becomes climate minister in Sweden


Romina Pourmokhtari has been appointed as the climate minister in Sweden. She will be the youngest minister to lead the climate portfolio.

Sweden is also the home of Greta Thunberg – the teen climate change activist.

Make My Trip, Goibibo and OYO fined 392 cr for unfair business practice


The Competiton Commission of India ordered the 3 companies to pay a penalty for imposing “price parity” in agreements with hotel partners.

Under the deal, hotels were not allowed to sell at a lower price than what they would sell these companies even if they wanted to .

This order will help thousands of travelers get better rate for their holidays travel by increasing the competition among travel portals.

Meteor shower tomorrow


Every year, for a few days around October 21, a swarm of meteoroids pass through earth. These are remnants of the Halley’s comet that encircles the solar system.

These meteoroids are left behind when the Halley’s comet rushes to the edge of the solar system on its way back from the sun.

The showers will appear in the Orion constellation and will resemble shooting stars.

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