New Chief Justice of India nominated

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Justice D. Y. Chandrachud nominated as the new Chief Justice of India

The outgoing Chief Justice of India, U.U Lalit has nominated D.Y. Chandrachud as his successor. As the Chief Justice of India, he will be the top person in the Supreme Court. Justice Chandrachud studied at the Delhi University and then went on to study at Harvard Law.

He was a judge at the Mumbai High Court, before being appointed as the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court. He was then appointed as a Judge in the Supreme Court of India in 2016.


China launched the worlds first Solar Observatory

In a first attempt to study solar eruptions and the disruptions caused by it, China launched the first Solar Observatory on October 9. Nicknamed Kuafu – 1, this observatory aims to unveil the mysteries behind the Sun. It will provide insights into how the magnetic forces of the sun affect the flares that cause damage to satellites and other services.


Nasa confirms impact of DART mission successful

Nasa has confirmed that they have been able to successfully change the trajectory of asteroid in the space. DART ( Double Asteroid Redirection Test) was first attempt to initiate a defense strategy for the planet. In case of an asteroid coming to hit earth, NASA is now confident that we can change the path of an Earth bound asteroid using this method.

To test this, the scientist used an asteroid called Didymos. The asteroid was selected because it was not a earth crossing asteroid and hence could cause no harm even if the trajectory of the asteroid changed.


Rupay will soon be accepted in European Countries

Rupay recently joined hands with Worldline to make Rupay acceptable in European countries. Rupay is a system developed exclusively by India to counter the dominance of Mastercard and Visa.

This alliance will help Indian tourists as they can pay money abroad at a significantly reduced bank charges. It will also help the Indian Government, earn and save dollars when the system is used abroad.

Another major system, UPI ( Unified payment Interface ) is already used in Singapore and talks are on to get it acceptable in UAE.


India win 3rd game to win One day Series against South Africa in Cricket

India won the 3rd game of Cricket against South Africa by 7 wickets. With this win, India overcame defeat initially to win the series 2-1. South Africa had won the 1st match.

With the youngsters taking charge, the team is now finding new gems who are starting to shine and get India to win matches.

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