Make in India in Defense Sector a success

India exporting defense equipment to more than 75 countries around the world


At the Def Expo held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi expressed satisfaction with the gains India has made in exports in the Defense space.

Over 75 countries are participating in the Expo and Indian Manufacturers are showcasing their products.

Africa and Indian Ocean countries are key countries that India plans to export the Indian products.

Lizz Truss quits as British Prime Minister after 6 weeks


After a brief 44 days stint as the Prime Minister of Britan, Lizz truss resigned yesterday. The Prime Minister was blamed for the disastrous mini budget that was presented.

The budget proposed a reduction of taxes to certain sections of the society, sparking outrage and caused the economy to tumble. The London stock market and the Pound bounced on Thursday after she announced her resignation

The next Prime Minister will be announced by Monday.

Infosys okay external gig work with manager consent


With most IT companies frowning on external work taken by their employees, Infosys has said they are ok with the gig work as long as the managers consent.

The criteria is that it should not compete with the company and hurt their interest.

In the recent times, the IT industry was very strict on this topic and Wipro even terminated 300 employees for taking on additional work.

Olympics 2036: 10 countries in race to bid for hosting rights


The International Olympics Committee is handling the process of awarding the 2036 games in a very secretive manner. This is to avoid expensive public campaigns and lobbying by multiple candidates.

Officials from a few countries such as Egypt, England, India, Indonesia, and Qatar have expressed their interest in the same.

It is the same process that helped pick Brisbane for the 2032 games.

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