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Frequently Asked Questions

Every class is different however there are some common elements you will need. A computer, an Internet connection and materials for the lesson

Time vary and usually it meets between 4:30 pm. However every event will have a time associated with it. So check the event page

We believe in peer to peer learning. If you are teaching you can expect to build self confidence in presenting to your friends. 

If you are learning, you can expect to follow along and have fun.

Some classes will be run by experts as well

We follow a first come first teach policy. If you have an idea, fill out this form and we will connect with you. 

You will be given 2 dates out of which you will have to decide on 1 and then we will schedule the class. 

If you are interested in taking a class, contact us using this form

Sure.. Send me a mail on [email protected] and I will reply back

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