Effort to protect endangered species in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu sets up sanctuary to protect endangered Slender Loris


Slender Loris is an endangered nocturnal primate. It is found in parts of Tamil Nadu and SriLanka.

A lanky, nocturnal and slow-moving animal by nature, Slender loris, stays amid acacia trees and feeds on insects, lizards, small birds and berries.

According to biologists, poaching activity has led to the steady decline of the species in Tamil Nadu. In addition, slender lorises are illegally smuggled to supply a growing exotic pet trade.

The new sanctuary is spread across 11, 800 hectares in Karur and Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu

Alex Pyron, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lizz Truss budget proposal in trouble


The new Prime Minister of United Kingdom seems to be in trouble over the recent budget she presented. Liz Truss became the Prime Minister of United Kingdom 41 days ago, with a promise of immediately delivering relief to the people.

However when she activated her plans of reducing the tax, it immediately sparked consequences like the British Pound falling.

Now many in the party are wondering if she is still the right choice for the post of Prime Minister

Make in India scheme delivers dividends


Owing to the Make In India scheme, Mobile phone exports from Indian touched 1 billion dollar level. This was the first time the country exported such high volumes.

Mainly because of Make in India schemes and production linked incentives, Apple and Samsung had started production in the country.

This in turn has improved jobs in the country and raised the level of exports from the country.

Total exports from the country in September was around 61 billion dollars.

4 Astronauts return safely to Earth after spending 170 days in Orbit


Astronauts from NASA and European space agency, safely returned to Earth after spending 170 days in space.

They were up in space for scientific study. One major study they conducted was how space diet affected the immune system. They also studied the changes of gravity on the human immune system.

During their time in space, they also conducted space walks and collected materials for testing.

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Indian Women win the Women’s Asia Cup 2022 cricket tournament


Indian women won the Women’s Asia Cup title for the 7th time beating Sri Lanka in the finals.

Sri Lanka managed to score just 65 runs in their innings. The Indian Team reached this score witin 8.3 overs.

Smriti Mandhana scored 51 of 25 balls to lead India to victory. The team will next prepare for the T 20 world cup

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