DRDO sucessfully test fires next generation Agni missiles

Agni Prime next generation missile test fired successfully


The Defense Research and Development Organisation, formed in 1958 to help India develop self sufficiency in the field of defense, has successfully test fired the new generation Agni Prime missile.

This missile which is an upgrade over the previous versions, have a range of 2000 km and has passed all the parameters of the test. The test was conducted from an Island off the coast of Odisha.

Giorgia Meloni to become Italy’s first female prime minister since end of World War 2


After winning the largest share of votes in the recently concluded elections, Giorgia Meloni is set to become the new prime minister of Italy.

Her party Brothers of Italy, was founded in 2012 and quicky went on to become popular across the nation.

The swearing in ceremony will be held today at the Presidential palace .

Renewable energy use helping reduce carbon emission


Record setting increase in solar and wind power projects has helped reduce carbon emission around the world according to a recent report by International Energy Agency.

With gas price rising, the fear was that countries would shift to coal to provide energy. While that did happen, the increase in renewable energy helped save the day.

The agency said while the decrease was good, getting the carbon emission to zero will be the next big challenge it has to tackle.

Spicejet allowed to increase flights for winter


Indian flight carrier, Spicejet has been allowed by the Director General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA) to increase its winter flights.

Spicejet was ordered to reduced the flights after a series of accidents involving its flights. However the safety regulator reduced its cap after if found that the company had taken steps to rectify its operations.

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