Delhi Government sprays bio decomposer to avoid stubble burning

Will bio decomposer help reduce stubble burning this winter?


In an experiment to reduce stubble burning, Delhi government has started spraying bio decomposer on agricultural land.

Stubble burning in recent years has contributed to majority of the pollution in Delhi during winter. The government has drawn up a 15 point action plan to tackle the dreaded winter smog in the capital city.

The government plans to spray around 5000 acres in the city with the help of 21 teams specially deputed for this.

” Global cooperation for local welfare” need of the hour in the world.


In the ongoing 90th General assembly of the Interpol or the International Police organisation, that has 195 countries as its members, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the delegates.

He asserted the learning of Chanakya an Indian Philosopher, to emphasis the need for high level of cooperation to tackle crime across the world. He also talked about the contribution India has made to help the UN Peace keeping force over the last 75 years.

Starlink applies for government licence


Elon Musk has applied to the Indian Government for a government licence for his Internet company Starlink. Earlier this year Starlink started opening up registration, however promptly shut it down as it was not granted a licence by the government.

After getting approvals, Starlink will need to set up in country earth stations before it will be given approval to start operating.

European Scientists plan to harvest solar energy in space

The European space agency (ESA) is planning to develop a technology that can end its power crisis. They plan to develop a string of giant solar panels floating above the earth that can help beam back the sun’s energy.

The success of this project can mean that the reliance on fossil fuel will be reduced further and renewable energy can become the dominant power source in Europe. This will help Europe tackle climate change easily in the future.

Roger Binny appointed as the BCCI President


Board of Control for Cricket in India ( BCCI) appointed Roger Binny as the president of the organisation. He replaces Saurav Ganguly in the role.

Roger Binny had played an instrumental role in India winning the 1983 world cup. He was the top wicket taker during the tournament with 18 wickets.

In his role as President of BCCI, Roger Binny has said that his focus will be on helping prevent injuries to players and to improve the quality of cricket pitches in the country.

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