Amit Shah heads “Chintan Shivir” to discuss interstate crimes

Center and State must work together to solve “border less” crimes


Recognizing the growing impact of cyber crime and other cross border crimes, the home minister Mr. Amit Shah urged all states and union territories to work together to solve them.

At Surajkund in Haryana, Amit Shah led a meeting of all state chief minister and home ministers and urged them to work together to solve the new age crimes and internal security.

Working together will help strengthen India’s internal security and help with development, Mr. Shah said.

New Zealand’s prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visit Antarctica


In a bid to highlight impact of climate change, the Prime minister of New Zealand visited Antarctica.

She visited scientist on a 72 hour trip to the base that the country maintains. New Zealand maintains a scientific outpost that studies climate change among other things.

Over the past decade,many countries has set up scientific stations on the continent that is expected to study the impact of climate change and come up with solutions.

Monetary Policy committee to meet on November 3


The Reserve bank of India has announced that the monetary policy committee will meet in an unscheduled meeting to discuss the rising inflation.

The meeting is being called as the Reserve Bank failed to meet its inflation target for the country. At the meeting, the central bank must find action plan to stop the inflation rise and propose solutions to the government to keep inflation under check.

Image credits:
X-ray: NASA/CXC/Durham Univ./G. Mahler;

James Webb telescope captures stunning image of galaxies being born


Since being commissioned in June this year, the James Webb telescope has helped astronomers look into space with a greater degree of clarity .

Now the cutting edge telescope has captured images of a cluster of galaxies merging to give an unprecedented understanding of how galaxies form.

The galaxy is 11.5 billion light years away and has a supermassive black hole at the center.

Pakistan lose to Zimbabwe as India wins on the same day


Zimbabwe stunned Pakistan in the ongoing T 20 world cup to win by 1 run. In a match that was filled with drama, the Zimbabwe team held on to their nerve in the final over and clinched a great victory.

Sikandar Raza was the player of the match for Zimbabwe with a 3 for 25 bowling spell and a 9 run stand.

In the other match, India won against Netherlands by 56 runs.

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