Kidscamp is a journey to teach my child about things that is not taught in school.

We blame the school system and say what is school for. I have not used 90 % of the things I learnt in school. And yes if you say that as well, you will be right.

But with Kidscamp.in I want to change the status quo. These stories tackle topic on financial awareness, and other life skills that can help my daughter become independent as she steps out into the adult world.

Since this is a broad topic that i will cover, the blog may not look like it has any structure. I will try my best to put it in topics or some buckets based in the life skills.

She is 9 , 10, 11 today and I hope with this blog, I continue to teach her important things in life that are not tackled in school.

I am making it for her, and if you find the site resonates with you, join me for a journey of teaching life skills that the schools miss out.

You can also support this labour of love with a contribution to keep it going, if you do wish to